About mackenzie scott foundation Grant and Loan

Thank you for contacting Mackenzie Scott Foundation,  I am the managing director and CEO of the Mackenzie Scott Empowerment Program, and I am pleased to introduce myself as Mackenzie Scott the Ex-wife of the billionaire Jeff Bezos, I wish to inform you about our funding programs. We have designed these programs into two sections. Due to the scarce resources at our disposal and the high demand to fund scientific research, cancers, Alzheimer’s and small-scale businesses have made our organization prioritize the disbursement of funds.

Our funding is in two categories which means you can qualify through draws (grants) or applications (loans), depending on the availability of funds at the time of your application.

But be rest assured either grants or loans your application will not be turned down as we are committed to helping you actualize your dreams.

Our loans are given out on zero percent charges because we are a charitable non-profit organization but nevertheless, we are strict and prudent about how beneficiaries handle these funds loaned to them, so we ensure legal backing with the power of an Attorney to ensure full return of the initial funds borrowed without profit at a stimulated date as stated in the contract.

Our first draw for grants starts in January 2023 and the second quarter for the year 2023 starts in June. But for loans, applications are accepted all year round.

Mackenzie Scott Foundation offers grants of up to $20,000,000 USD and loans of up to $200,000,000 USD to individuals and companies . Mackenzie Scott empowerment grants and Loan programme can also be reached out to people by our online agents who contact individuals through an automated random computer search of all social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, Gmail, yahoo mail, Apple Inc , mobile number etc,which runs on JavaScript, C++, Oracle, C-sharp programming Language.

Core Objectives

Our aim at the Mackenzie Scott foundation is to fight against cancer, Alzheimer's, casualties of war, and scientific research and break the barriers facing small-scale businesses in financing their contracts and growing their business due to the high percentage placed on loans by the mainstream banking system.